doesnt every dancer wish to be this flexible

doesnt every dancer wish to be this flexible

…. #happy

hvent been here much.. i deemed tumblr my place to vent where noone would judge.. bt lately.. ive been a happy girl.. therefore/.. havent been needing a vent session! it feels good to be the one smiling instead of being smiled at.. :-)

Life without my phone

Is like: giving birth without epidural

Having surgery without sleep meds

Haven an accident without seatbelts (maybe not this tragic) but it does hurt… sLzozt


this weekend shud still be great.. i need it to be great.. I NEED IT!!!! I DNT KNOW what else to do to make it hppen but im fina have fun.. nd nobody’s gona stop me.. not my mommy, my brother, or my cousin.. !

my thoughts on turkey dayy!

so i truly like this site because i can put in alot of letters nd really express how i feel without havng to hear pplz mouth…..I LOVE THAT! becuz nobody wants bullshit flac bout what cums out the computer when i feel like thinkin… soooo. happy thanksgiving… nd yahh.. im gone.. :-) 


my blue and purple bunnies that sleep in my bed everynight.. just 4 decoration but i still love em

since im up at 1 am nd i have nothing to do.. i may as well just randomly post so i can figure dis owt.. i love new things… great convo wit the bestie today btw… he can be really sweet when he wants to…